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Northcrest Pool Rules

  1. Northcrest Pool is for the use of members and their immediate families ONLY which reside at the given address on the membership information form. Special arrangements may be made for non-custodial caregivers such as nannies, long-term babysitters and grandparents. Contact Meridith Byrd at 361-218-9246 for details.

  2. All members and their guests must sign in at the snack bar before using the pool.

  3. Guests must be accompanied by a member. Guest fee is $5.00 per guest per day.

  4. Member's children, 10-18 years old, are allowed to bring only 2 guests per day without their parent being with them. WHEN THE MEMBER LEAVES THE POOL, THE GUEST MUST LEAVE AT THAT TIME.

  5. A guest may lose their privilege to be a guest of any member for any act of violence or for any disrespect to pool personnel.

  6. Children under 5 yrs old must be accompanied by an adult. Children from ages 5-9 yrs must be accompanied by a person 13 yrs or older. Children 10 and older may be unaccompanied. HOWEVER, a parent of any child under 18 yrs old at the pool must be reachable at all times. ***New Provision - unaccompanied children, ages 13 and under, must be prepared, if asked by a lifeguard, to perform a swim test and demonstrate an understanding of the rules.***

  7. All swimmers must wear swimsuits. T-shirts may be worn with a swimsuit. Cut-offs are not allowed. Swimmers wearing improper attire will be asked to change or leave the pool. Please remember this is a family pool and dress appropriately.

  8. Respect the pool property. This includes but is not limited to the skimmers, chairs, picnic tables, trash cans, shower area, toilets, sinks, grassy area, etc.

  9. Parents are responsible for their children to respect the pool property.

  10. Food and drink must be consumed before entering the water.

  11. No smoking on pool property.

  12. No gum.

  13. No alcohol anywhere on property.

  14. No glass.

  15. No animals.

  16. No infectious skin diseases or open wounds.

  17. No running.

  18. No diving or headfirst entry, except in the diving area.

  19. Do not hang on the ropes or climb/stand on the baby pool wall.

  20. Do not stand or sit on the ladders or steps for an extended period. Please keep these areas clear.

  21. One person at a time on the diving board and/or slide.

  22. No sliding head first on slide.

  23. No pool toys, flotation devices, or goggles are allowed in the diving area.

  24. Pool toys and other flotation devices should be used with caution. Lifeguards may restrict use if the safety of swimmers is jeopardized due to use of said device.

  25. Adults ages 18 and over are allowed to swim during safety break. 

  26. ALL CHILDREN 3 AND YOUNGER MUST AT ALL TIMES WHILE IN THE POOL WEAR A SWIM DIAPER. THERE IS NO EXCEPTION. The only approved swim diaper is a pull up-type swim diaper. If your child should have an accident it is your responsibility to notify lifeguards immediately. Anyone who leaves pool without notifying lifeguards could face membership suspension. This issue has been a problem in the past and poses a health issue for all members. This rule will be strictly enforced.

  27. All persons must obey lifeguards regarding disciplinary actions when pool rules are disobeyed.
    1st offense: Warning
    2nd offense: 5 minute time out
    3rd offense: Parents called, if under 18, and not allowed in the facility for the rest of the day
    4th offense: (upon returning after 3rd offense) Under 18 yrs old no longer allowed to use facilities without a parent. 18 & older - suspended from using pool for 3 days.

Complaints (or compliments) can be submitted in writing via our email, mail to P.O. Box 7513 Victoria, TX 77903, or by sending a private message to the Northcrest Pool Facebook page.

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